In love with visual arts

The big family of art greets you!

When I enter the college, I want to be a brilliant student, so I start studying right now. Fine art is a big notion, so I want to begin with it. Historically, there were only five main arts:

  • Painting that has a very long history; the first engraving is dated back to 30, 000 years ago. Thanks to different pictures we can learn more about culture and psychological peculiarities of every nation.
  • Sculpture is a public art; we can see different monuments and fountains everywhere we go, even in small villages. We can hardly imagine New York without the Statue of Liberty, right?
  • Architecture is a big form of art; there are a lot of buildings that became our national heritage, for instance, White House in Washington or Pantheon in Rome.
  • Music is also a very ancient kind of art, but we can’t know for sure how the first songs sounded because people learnt to record them not so long ago, in late 19th century.
  • Poetry is the art of using words, and it has a long history of its own. Long ago, ancient people were sitting near the fires and telling stories; those plots are popular even with contemporary artists.

Looking for a nice artwork? Check out here!
There are a lot of various artworks that are available to everyone in museums and galleries, some of them can be purchased at fine art auctions. There are a lot of them, and you can buy anything you want. The most famous ones are Christie’s and Sotheby’s where the most expensive lots are being sold. But there are also internet galleries and fine art auctions online where you can buy a painting without leaving your house. Now I’m gonna tell you about one of them. Leonid Afremov is a contemporary artist who is famous all over the world. His name is known to all collectors and all arts critiques highly appreciate his works. He has his own web gallery, where you can find a lot of nice paintings – cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and many, many other captivating artworks. You can see the fine art auction results right in the moment of ordering the painting you like. Thus, you can obtain a world famous masterpiece for a modest amount of money. Isn’t that great?

image (2)

Do you think abstract art is meaningless?

As a future designer, I respect all art styles. After all, tastes differ. And while I can see a Renaissance painting in one apartment, another can be decorated with a piece of abstract art. A lot of things were told about traditional art, and I don’t wanna be another person to deliberate on that. Realistic wall art is clear and quite understandable. On the other hand, abstract art seems to me more interesting and challenging since it may lack objects and characters leaving only various colors and lines for you to interpret. There are people who say that abstraction has nothing in common with art and that it is only an excuse for unskilled painters. Others try to find deep inner truth in canvases that seem to be senseless. We live in a time when everything has already been told, so now artists should look for new ways to express themselves. Abstract art allows you to focus on your feelings, because it doesn’t give you a ready explanation of what is depicted and how you should decipher it. Alicia McCarthy, a nice abstract painter who uses mainly pencils in her work, is presenting her creations in New York gallery If you have no chance to visit it, you should know more about her creative techniques anyway, because her paintings are filled with positive colors that will warm your apartment!


Hello people!

My name’s Ben Big, and I live a nice picturesque city – Lincoln, Nebraska. My dream is to become a world famous designer, but my budget is too poor to have a happy student life. To earn some money, I decided to work a bit, so now I’m combining business and pleasure. Being a realtor, I visit many places and each house is decorated in its own unique style. I’m going to share everything interesting with you, my dear readers, and I hope you’ll follow my posts and comment on my ideas!